Whitney Family

Whitney Family Letter

Dear friends,

We are growing up!

In 1988, we shipped our first wreaths to our customers. This will be our 30th season that we will do so. But, we will not actually celebrate our 30th year of business until 2018. Here at Whitney Wreath, we love helping you, our customer, decorate your home and office for the holiday season with fresh and fragrant balsam fir wreaths and centerpieces.

Our family is growing up as well.

Michon is a freshman and a soccer player for her high school this year. She is an excellent student who is adjusting well to her new school and forming new friendships as well. Her interests include fitness, soccer, skiing (water and snow) and anything involving culinary arts! She aspires to become a chef and has prepared many treats for our family.

Whitney Family Ashton will be 12 this January. He is enjoying school thus far this fall, especially science and gym class. He is a very talented musician, playing trombone and singing. He loves to ski, swim, play soccer and ride his rip stick. He loves animals and he has proven himself to be a very responsible and caring chicken farmer.

Coleton will also turn 12 this coming January. He is an outstanding student, especially in mathematics. He is also a natural athlete and excels in many sports. He loves soccer, baseball, basketball, skiing, and running. Oh yeah, he’s also a pretty good poker player!

Holly continues to work tirelessly in her professional role and also in her role as mother, wife, and friend. I’m so blessed to have her in my life.

Me? It’s all about family, kids, sports, coaching and fun. Life is short and I’m trying to enjoy this stage of life to the fullest. I also care deeply about and I am very proud of the employees and customers of the businesses we own. Thank you for your part. If you’re a first
time customer, a long time customer, or a new friend, we look forward to serving your Christmas decorations needs. Please drop us a line and let us know how we can help you decorate for the holidays.

Very warmest regards,

David Whitney 

the kids



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