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David Whitney

As Told By David Whitney

Founder & CEO of Whitney Wreaths

It all began when I was wrestling with my cousin Bobby during Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house in 1974 when I was eight years old.

“Why do you smell like trees?” I asked Bobby. He then proceeded to explain that he had been making money collecting “tips” from trees and selling them to Flo, the owner of Flo’s Wreaths in Marshfield, Maine.

Since my mother wouldn’t buy me candy, I thought that this was the PERFECT solution to my candy crisis.

When I got home I grabbed a sandwich bag, climbed a spruce tree and started picking the needles off. Upon arrival at Flo’s, I proudly held up my bag full of spruce needles and declared: “I have some tips to sell!”

She was humored by my naivety. She then showed me into the tip shed where the smell of fresh balsam fir overwhelmed my senses. I surveyed the many heaps of small branches and realized these must be “tips.”

She then opened the door into the wreath room where I saw several women working at tables, snapping the tips into decorative little bunches and wrapping them with wire around a ring to create wreaths. Flo unknowingly had opened the door to my new world.

I knew right then and there that this is what I wanted to do.

As I reflect back, Flo patiently took the time to explain her craft to me.  Neither of us knew at the time, but these were the first steps towards building a business now known as Whitney Wreath.

I started as an eight-year-old boy simply wanting to earn money for candy. But now it’s a source of livelihood and joy for more people than I could have ever imagined.

Meet the Whitney's

Ashton, David , Michon, Holly, and  Coleton

maine wreaths

Each year when the weather turns cold and the holidays approach, the smell of balsam takes me back to my childhood.

It now brings us all a sense of happiness and anticipation of the coming festivities and memories that we will make
together in our close-knit Maine community and in our family.

Do you want to enjoy the invigorating smell of balsam too?
Have one of our hand-crafted Maine wreaths
shipped to your door by clicking the button below!

The Whitney Team

Whitney Wreath, Fresh Balsam Wreaths from Maine, Team Members

Richard Quinn

Maintenance Supervisor

Richard joined the team in 2017. He ensures that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis, especially during the hectic holiday season. Personable and kind, Richard loves working with and supporting his team members.

Whitney Wreath, Fresh Balsam Wreaths from Maine, Team Members

Denise Blyther

Production Floor Supervisor

Denise has been working with Whitney Wreath since 2000. She takes pride in every product that comes off the production line. Her favorite part of her job is working with all of Whitney Wreath’s year-round and seasonal team members.

Whitney Wreath, Fresh Balsam Wreaths from Maine, Team Members

Christopher Walker

Operations and Facilities Manager

Chris has been working with Whitney Wreath since 2003. He is a certified mechanic, licensed heavy equipment operator, master mason, and a former small business owner. He loves finding creative solutions to his job’s daily challenges.

Whitney Wreath, Fresh Balsam Wreaths from Maine, Team Members

Alan Kilton

Warehouse Manager

Alan joined the Whitney Wreath team in 2009. He has many skills but is especially great at creating a safe and efficient place for everyone to work. Though he often finds himself having to multitask, Alan can always be relied upon to get the job done.

Want to Join the Whitney Wreath Family?

We have job opportunities that extend beyond making wreaths in the wintertime season.
Check out what we have to offer by clicking Apply Now.

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
CLOSED Thanksgiving Day

PO Box 157, US Route 1,
Whitneyville, ME 04654

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